An impressionist art gallery for the Dallas Arts District



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In response to the 1990's revival and appeal of Impressionist art, this project has been dedicated to the design of an art gallery which will house Impressionist art. The permanent collection of the gallery consists of 35 pieces of Impressionist art work dating from the late 1860's to the early 1920's, as well as 28 more recent works. The collection includes works by Monet, Manet, Renoir, and Seurat. The highlights of the collection are six paintings from Claude Monet's series entitled Waterloo Bridge. The gallery's design will be based on Claude Monet's Waterloo Bridge (#4). In order to better design an art gallery which exemplifies man's connection with nature, it is pertinent to study the artistic style of Impressionism. By analyzing the characteristics of Claude Monet's Waterloo Bridge, we can understand the connection and relationships between the city, people and nature. Architecture, drawn from these connections will provide a sanctuary from the active nature of the city and a gallery which is true to the idea of Impressionism. The gallery, sized at 23,037 ft^ will include permanent collections, temporary exhibits, and a small cafe and coffee shop. It will be a new addition to the Dallas Arts District and will serve as a buffer between urban commercialism and the idea of Impressionist passivity.



Art museums -- Design., Impressionism., Dallas (Tex.)