Legal Assistance Items, November 1981




Alvarey, Joel R.
Huffman, Walter B.
Joyce, John F.
Grendell, Timothy J.
Heffelfinger, Harlan M.

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Notice that a creditor is an assignee was sufficient to meet the requirements of the Truth In Lending Act and Regulation Z. Louisiana will not recognize a foreign divorce of one of its residents serving as an active duty military member by reasoning that divorce is based on domicile. A lease agreement was not a disguised credit agreement under the Truth In Lending Act because the lessee was only obligated to make one rent payment, which was substantially lower than the value of the rented item.



Truth in Lending Act, foreign divorce, credit agreement, lease agreement, Regulation Z, consumer law, creditor rights, contract law


Major Joel R. Alvarey, Major Walter B. Huffman, Major John F. Joyce, Captain Timothy J. Grendell, and Major Harlan M. Heffelfinger, Legal Assistance Items, 1981 Army Law. 13 (Nov. 1981).