A user interface management system for process control applications



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This paper presents the design of PCIMS, an objectoriented user interface management systems for process control applications. The process control user interface tends toward a monitoring interface, receiving most of its input from the application program controlling the process, rather than by interactive dialogue like other user interfaces. However, operator input is still required. Because the process control operator is placed in more of a supervisory capacity, the focus of PCIMS is on the monitoring aspect of interfaces. The PCIMS model and its components are defined and discussed. The class hierarchy for defining a process control interface is also presented, along with the issues that must be addressed at each level of granularity, and how this hierarchy was used to derive the objects in PCIMS. Finally, the results of this research are presented and suggestions made for further search in the area of user interface management systems for process control applications.



Process control -- Data processing, Human-computer interaction, Computer integrated manufacturing systems