A recreation and fitness center


A large problem with much of society today is the lack of self-esteem or motivation. Some individuals need some sort of upliftment to bring them to an interactive status. Several types of facilities have been designed with this in mind (eg. Shopping malls, church buildings, schools, and office buildings). Still, many people are considered, or looked down upon, as introverted characters who have nothing to give to society. The first step in reaching out to these enclosed people is to provide an environment that comes between these people and those who are more outgoing. It must be a place where everyone has a similar purpose or goal in mind. According to J. Robert Rossman in Recreation Programming, recreation is something that is engaged in for the accomplishment of personal and social benefits (1). This place must act as a buffer zone or a "medium". Dr. Bruno Geba used the example of television as a "medium" for television programs stating that the medium is equally important as what it is attempting to convey (2) In order to provide this recreation, there must be a quality medium of architecture between the users and the activities that are to take place. Architecture can become this medium between recreation and the upbuilding of its users' character by promoting the Recreation Center's options and social interaction. The proposed building type is a multi-purpose fitness and recreation center. This place is to be designed primarily for the individual while keeping the unity of the recreative family in mind. According to Texas Tech Recreation Center Assistant Director Ralph Kleinsmith, the recreation business has seen a movement from team sports to individual training and recreation especially In the fitness aspect (3). Many people are busy and what spare time they have for fitness they choose to make it easier on themselves by simply working out by themselves or with an employed professional trainer. This phenomena has led to the sharp increase in the popularity of various cardiovascular machines such as the treadmill, stairstepper, and rowing machines. The facility will encompass approximately 66,500 square feet of gymnasia, weights, machines, swimming pool, customer services, and outdoor facilities. It will be located in Lubbock, Texas adjacent to West Loop 289 and Frankford Ave. This location was chosen because of the possible attraction of the nearby University students and those who are moving into the neighborhood around 82nd and Frankford.



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