Ion vapor deposition



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This thesis describes the development of an ion plating system capable of applying thin films to both insulators and conductors. The two major components, evaporation and sputtering, are described in detail. A brief discussion of relevant characteristics of plasmas is included in this background work. A detailed description of the construction of the system, which includes the theory of operation of the system, is included in this thesis. The system configuration consisted of a electrode bias containing a RF signal superimposed onto a DC bias. Silver films were applied to Lexan substrates under different operating conditions. The films were studied using an optical microscope and the adhesion of the films were tested using peel tests. The results of the peel tests showed that the some of the applied film was still present, indicating that the some of the applied film adhered to the surface. The applied films were not conductive, therefore the uniformity of the films was considered poor. The film thickness was inconclusive under a 400 times magnification.



Coatings -- Testing, Thin films -- Materials, Pulsed power systems, Insulating materials, Conductivity