Impact of the LZW-based common subexpression elimination algorithm on SAT-solving efficiency



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The Satisfiability (SAT) problem is the problem of finding an assignment that satisfies a given propositional formula. SAT is effective in solving many important problems in areas such as automated reasoning, computer-aided design, and planning in Artificial Intelligence. The need to solve these problems in a reduced amount of time has geared considerable research in improving the performance of SAT solvers resulting in many solver algorithms being created or modified.

This research investigates how the removal of common subexpressions in a formula via the Lempel–Ziv-Welch (LZW)-based approach can affect the efficiency of SAT solving. By substituting common subexpressions for new variables in the original formula, we compare the results of passing the original formula and the new equivalent formula through a SAT solver. In this LZW-based approach, we modify the Lempel–Ziv-Welch data compression algorithm to find and substitute the common subexpressions in the formula.



Data compression (Computer science), Computer science, Algorithms, Lempel–Ziv–Welch, Laszlo (Computer program language)