Rank based methods in the factorial designs for longitudinal data with application to liver cancer studies



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of this research is to apply the rank based method (nonparametric method) in the factorial designs for longitudinai data with application to liver cancer studies. The hypotheses and test statistics are introduced for average group effect, average time effect, simple time effect, and the interaction between time and group. Two nonparametric models, Fl-LD-Fl model and LD-Fl model, are used to test the efficacy of green tea polyphnois (GTP) in reducing the concentration of aflatoxin Bl (AFBl) in blood samples and 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) in urine samples. The results of this research could be a way to improve the chemoprevention in liver cancer.



Green tea -- Therapeutic use, Nonparametric statistics, Liver -- Cancer -- Chemoprevention, Aflatoxins -- Carcinogenicity, Longitudinal studies