Raramuri Heritage Center: A contemporary response to the traditions of the Raramuri Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) Chihuahua, Mexico



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Thesis Statement: Vernacular architecture that has developed over many years as a response to the physical environment in cultural areas has resulted in indigenous forms and structures. Vernacular architecture should enlighten modern architecture by focusing not only on architectural forms, technology, environment, and culture, but also on the interaction of the principles of sustainability Facility Type: The facility proposed is a public center providing business, education, art and necessary spaces to fully explain ín the Raramuri culture. It will entertain while promoting understanding of the Raramuh cultural background, traditions, and the influence of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Context Statement: The site is located in La Mesa de Mogotabo at Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico, (45km (28 mi) southwest of Creel). The proposed site is on top of a cliff approximately 3,200 ft in altitude above the Urique river, and 7000 feet above sea level. One access to the site is via a trail on one side of the mountain. Another access is through a little village also called Mogotabo situated northeast of the site.The site is surrounded by a great variety of vegetation including mesquite, encino, maguey various species of pines and a beautiful diversity of color supplied by wiíd flowers. The site, which possesses an enormous amount of flat stone, slopes down stightly toward the south edge where the cliff is located. The cliff faces the most important view of the canyon. Scope of Project: This project includes all essential facilities and exhibits to inform visitors aboutv the area and the Raramuri culture. Furthermore, it will create spaces to interrelate directly with the culture.



Architecture, Museums -- Design, Vernacular architecture -- Mexico, Sustainable architecture, Tarahumara Indians -- Social life and customs, Copper Canyon (Mexico), Chihuahua (Chihuahua, Mexico)