Complexity frameworks in enterprise design



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The root cause of failures attributed to complexity may seem incomprehensible, with the consequence that no solution can be found and predictability is limited, but by definition a lack of comprehension is not the case, and some failures are due in whole or at least in part to the inability of industrial era based system engineering and management approaches to scale to the complexity of emerging systems of systems Enterprises. One approach offered to deal with complexity is the application of frameworks to complex enterprise design, like the approach the United States (U. S.) Department of Defense (DoD) applies to its programs in an effort to facilitate integration and promote interoperability. However, the DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and other contemporary enterprise architecture frameworks do not address or even estimate technical or management complexity, and this is an opportunity for innovation. This paper introduces a new approach for estimating complexity in enterprises by using contemporary enterprise architecture framework artifacts.



Cyclomatic complexity, Enterprise architecture, Enterprise architecture framework, Transdisciplinarity, Transdisciplinary