Anisotropic leaky-like perturbation with subwavelength gratings enables zero crosstalk

dc.creatorKabir, Md Faiyaz (TTU)
dc.creatorMia, Md Borhan (TTU)
dc.creatorAhmed, Ishtiaque (TTU)
dc.creatorJaidye, Nafiz (TTU)
dc.creatorAhmed, Syed Z. (TTU)
dc.creatorKim, Sangsik (TTU)
dc.description© 2023, The Author(s). cc-by
dc.description.abstractElectromagnetic coupling via an evanescent field or radiative wave is a primary characteristic of light, allowing optical signal/power transfer in a photonic circuit but limiting integration density. A leaky mode, which combines both evanescent field and radiative wave, causes stronger coupling and is thus considered not ideal for dense integration. Here we show that a leaky oscillation with anisotropic perturbation rather can achieve completely zero crosstalk realized by subwavelength grating (SWG) metamaterials. The oscillating fields in the SWGs enable coupling coefficients in each direction to counteract each other, resulting in completely zero crosstalk. We experimentally demonstrate such an extraordinarily low coupling between closely spaced identical leaky SWG waveguides, suppressing the crosstalk by ≈40 dB compared to conventional strip waveguides, corresponding to ≈100 times longer coupling length. This leaky-SWG suppresses the crosstalk of transverse–magnetic (TM) mode, which is challenging due to its low confinement, and marks a novel approach in electromagnetic coupling applicable to other spectral regimes and generic devices.
dc.identifier.citationKabir, M.F., Mia, M.B., Ahmed, I., Jaidye, N., Ahmed, S.Z., & Kim, S.. 2023. Anisotropic leaky-like perturbation with subwavelength gratings enables zero crosstalk. Light: Science and Applications, 12(1).
dc.titleAnisotropic leaky-like perturbation with subwavelength gratings enables zero crosstalk


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