Kinetic studies of the oxidation of Rhus vernicifera stellacyanin and related cuprous model systems by cobalt(III) ions



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Texas Tech University


The principal purpose of the research described in chapters HI and IV of this dissertation is to further evaluate the electron transfer properties of stellacyanin by studying the oxidation of the reduced 3+ metalloprotein by trisCl,10-phenanthroline)cobaltClH) ion, CoCphen) ; ethylenedinitrilotetraacetatocobaltateCHI) ion, CoCEDTA) ; propylene-,2-dinitrilotetraacetatocobaltateClII) ion, CoCPDTA)"; and trans-l,2-dyclohexyldinitrilotetraacetatocobaltateClH) ion, CoCCyDTA) ; under a wide variety of conditions. A comparison of activation parameters obtained for electron transfer from the reduced metalloprotein to the Co CHI) ions with those for electron transfer to the metalloprotein 2-from FeCEDTA) will provide more information on the accessibility of the protein redox site to external redox agents. A comparison of calculated protein self-exchange rates using Marcus theory will be made testing the reactivity of stellacyanin with a variety of redox agents.



Stellacyanin, Cobalt