First Constraining Upper Limits on Gravitational-wave Emission from NS 1987A in SNR 1987A


We report on a search for continuous gravitational waves (GWs) from NS 1987A, the neutron star born in SN 1987A. The search covered a frequency band of 75–275 Hz, included a wide range of spin-down parameters for the first time, and coherently integrated 12.8 days of LIGO data below 125 Hz and 8.7 days of LIGO data above 125 Hz from the second Advanced LIGO–Virgo observing run. We found no astrophysical signal. We set upper limits on GW emission as tight as an intrinsic strain of 2 × 10−25 at 90% confidence. The large spin-down parameter space makes this search the first astrophysically consistent one for continuous GWs from NS 1987A. Our upper limits are the first consistent ones to beat an analog of the spin-down limit based on the age of the neutron star and hence are the first GW observations to put new constraints on NS 1987A.


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Gravitational waves (678), Neutron stars (1108), Supernova remnants (1667)


Benjamin J. Owen et al 2022 ApJL 935 L7 DOI 10.3847/2041-8213/ac84dc