Framework for integrating sorcer with rpc-style web services



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Ever since the introduction of Web Services, it has become one of software industry’s most used buzzwords. Web services, in the general meaning of the term, are services offered by one application to other applications via the World Wide Web. An RPC-based Web service is a collection of procedures that can be called by a remote client over the Internet. The integration of WebServices into existing environments is becoming more and more important. The SORCER environment provides the means to create interactive service-oriented programs and execute them without writing a line of source code where jobs and tasks are created using web-based user interfaces. SORCER is service oriented but is object based where as WebServices are protocol based.

This thesis presents a comprehensive technical overview of RPC Style WebServices and the integration framework that allows Protocol-based RPC Web Services and Object-oriented SORCER service providers to coexist and complement each other in the same environment. My main emphasis would be to develop a framework with generic gateway that would allow SORCER Services to be accessed both as RPC WebServices for web clients and as SORCER Service Providers for SORCER Service requestors



Soap, Web services description language (WSDL), Uddi, Web services, Java API for XML-based RPC (Jax-Rpc), SORCER (computer program), Rpc-style web services