A community center for the city of Lubbock


Thesis Statement Humans are actors in culturally defined settings in which they must adapt. Cultural adaptation of inhabitants to a specified environment is the purification of patterns and meanings; thus, culture is transmitted socially. These patterns and meanings are the symbols that humans use to communicate from generation to generation and culture to culture. This communication of patterns and meanings through symbolism is the fundamental Icnowledge transcended over time through social interaction. ARCHITECTURE AS A TRANSCENDENTAL KNOWLEDGE OF COMMUNITY AND ENVIRONMENT THROUGH THE EXPRESSION OP SYMBOLISM. Therefore, I will explore architecture as a transcendental Icnowledge of community and environment through the expression of s^'m holism. Context Statement Scope of Project Contextually, this site has many opportunities that I would like to address. First, the site has a strong link to the following areas of Lubbock: Lou Stubbs Park, downtown Lubbock and East Lubbock. Second, the site has strong links to the following regional areas of West Texas: Interstate 27 from Amarillo (north) to Taholca (south), Yellowhouse Canyon and the Llano Estacado. Finally, I would like to address the strong links to a West Texas heritage emphasizing the Mexican- American influence on this area of Lubbock. Therefore, I vwll address the urban context of this site through linlcage and connection emphasizing heritage, culture, tradition and mobility. This project will be a community center for the Ballenger Neighborhood of the City of Lubbock. Within this facility there will be a multi-purpose gymnasium for various activities, educational workshops, social gathering spaces, counseling worlcshops and necessary supporting spaces. The project is located on the southwest corner of 42nd Street and Avenue L on 81,688 square feet (1.875 acres) of land. This project vA\ also incorporate the median (approx. 4 acres) from 42nd Street to 34th Street as a park-like connection to Lou Stubbs Park at 37th Street and Avenue L. The facility's gross square footage vidll be 20,940 square feet.



Community centers -- Texas -- Lubbock, Community centers -- Design and construction