Anthropocentric Habitation of Mars Through Parametric Design



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2023 International Conference on Environmental Systems


Mars has been a central subject of the space exploration discussion for decades. The Red Planet is an atypical destination, offering humanity a location to study the rudimentary stages of microbial life, as well as implement a greater understanding of how the evolution of the planet's surface can influence the future of our civilization. Conditions on Mars are severe, yet livable. The proposed mission ARES (Architectural Research Expedition of Space) seeks to capitalize on the habitable aspects that the planet offers and develop a sustainable solution regarding humanity's first manned mission to Mars. Comprised of autonomous and human-centered operations, ARES is a thirteen-year expedition with the intent of establishing and constructing a permanent, self-sustaining colony.
A system of three interconnected phases enables ARES to accommodate an initial crew of seven after the proposed site, Valles Marineris, has been readily prepared. Innovation in the 3D printing processes will provide a higher standard of living that limits the effects of radiation while establishing a suite of necessary amenities. This, in conjunction with several preconstructed temporary habitats and greenhouses, provides a system through which Martian crews can conduct a plethora of scientific studies while maintaining a healthy psychological and physiological state. The projected outcome of the mission will see an environmentally protected Martian colony that is prone to expansion and additional crewed missions to Mars.


Logan Miller, University of Houston, USA
Christopher Hisle, University of Houston, USA
Erin Quigley, University of Houston, USA
Chi Lan Huynh, University of Houston, USA
ICES502: Space Architecture
The 52nd International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Calgary, Canada, on 16 July 2023 through 20 July 2023.


Mars Permanent Habitation, Self-sustaining Colony, Extra-planetary Home