An annotated critical edition of Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla's "Casarse por vengarse"

dc.creatorMullin, Linda L
dc.description.abstractStudies ofthe Spanish uxoricide drama are most frequently devoted to Pedro Calder6n de la Barca's three wife-murder plays, El medico de su honra; A secrete agravio, secreta venganza and El pintor de su deshonra, but Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla's Casarse por vengarse has not received much attention. This dissertation includes a study of Casarse por vengarse in its context as an uxoricide drama, a thematic comparison of this play with Calderon's plays mentioned above, a description of all the known editions of the play, the stemma of the play, and an annotated critical edition of the play. No edition of the play is based on the 1640 authorial version preferred by Rojas. The stemma of Casarse por vengarse could not have been determined based upon the editions of the play listed by Rojas's biographers when this study began. In 1636 two versions were published in Spain. The version published in Zaragoza was attributed to Rojas, but the one published in Valencia was attributed to Calderon. Rojas used the version attributed to himself as the primary source of another version of the same play which he published in his Primera parte in 1640. A second edition of the Primera parte appeared in 1680. Two distinct lines of descent developed because a much altered 1650 suelta version of the play attributed to Calderon, and not mentioned in any works about Rojas, became the source for four other editions of the play. One of these, the 1728 edition, conflated with the 1680 edition to produce the 1744 version; the 1744 version conflated with the 1680 version in 1754; three separate editions of the 1754 version were produced, one of which was published in 1793; an edition of the 1793 edition appeared in 1889 and Ramon de Mesonero Romanes conflated the 1680 edition with the 1793 edition to produce the Biblioteca de Autores Espafioles version of 1861, which was reprinted in 1866, 1897,1908,1918,1926 and 1952. This annotated critical edition is based on the 1640 Primera parte produced by Rojas himself.
dc.publisherTexas Tech Universityen_US
dc.subjectRojas Zorrilla, Francisco de, 1607-1648 -- Criticism and interpretationen_US
dc.subjectRojas Zorrilla, Francisco de, 1607-1648. Casarse por vengarseen_US
dc.subjectHonor in literatureen_US
dc.subjectSpanish drama -- 17th century -- History and criticismen_US
dc.subjectSpanish drama -- Classical period, 1500-1700 -- History and criticism
dc.subjectSpanish drama -- Classical period, 1500-1700 -- Criticism, Textual
dc.titleAn annotated critical edition of Francisco de Rojas Zorrilla's "Casarse por vengarse"
dc.typeDissertation and Modern Languages and Literatures - Spanish Tech University


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