Development and usage of a hospital patient room environmental assessment instrument for the analysis of adult and pediatric patient room design



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Federal and state building codes were established to provide minimum standards for patient rooms. Research supports the need for psychologically supportive and userappropriate environments. The purposes of this study were (1) to create a hospital patient room assessment instrument based on federal and state design and construction codes, and recommendations from psychological and environmental design research to evaluate patient room design and (2) to use the instrument to analyze adult and pediatric patient rooms to determine if pediatric room design in selected Texas hospitals is appropriate for children. The instrument was validated as providing a concise compilation of design standards, codes, and research recommendations. Eight Texas hospitals with adult and pediatric units were randomly selected and single occupancy rooms evaluated. Frequencies were obtained and descriptive comparisons conducted of pediatric and adult rooms. Percentages were used to determine if pediatric rooms had child appropriate design regarding minimum standards, accessibility, and research recommendations. Results indicated pediatric and adult room design was similar, and pediatric room fixtures and furnishings were more appropriate for adults. Most pediatric rooms were classified as moderately childoriented regarding minimum standards and had inappropriate design for accessibility. Fifty percent of the hospitals had child-oriented design as related to research recommendations. The instrument can be useful for hospital administrators and healthcare designers for evaluation of existing facilities to identify needed improvements. The instrument may also be used during new facility design to ensure minimum standard compliance and the inclusion of user-appropriate design elements.



Hospital buildings -- Texas -- Design and construction, Children -- Hospitals -- Design and construction, Architecture -- Human factors