Development of green and of polymer-supported oxidizing agents for oxidation of alcohols



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The selective oxidation of primary alcohols and secondary alcohols into their corresponding aldehydes (or carboxylic acids) and ketones is one of the most important transformations in modern organic synthesis. Although a myriad of oxidizing agents have been developed to affect this transformation, there is still a growing demand for mild, selective and environmentally-friendly oxidizing agents. This work explores two oxidation systems, viz TEMPO-TCCA and PEG-supported TEMPO. The latter is a polymer based oxidizing agent. A major advantage is that it can be recovered at the end of the reaction and subsequently reused. A wide variety of alcohols has been oxidized, and the IR carbonyl shift has been discussed as a function of the structure of the product.



Polymer-supported, Green, Alcohols, Oxidation, Carbonyl shift