New Orleans tourist information center


"The architect, by his arrangement of forms, realizes an order which is a pure creation of his spirit; by forms and shapes he affects our senses to an acute degree and provokes plastic emotions.... It is then that we experience the sence of beauty." Le Corbusier "Towards a new Architecture: Guiding Principles," in L'Esprit Nouveau (1920). To design a successful architecture, it must be derived from purpose and context. Good architecture is not only coherent within form, function, and structure, while these elements are important, an architectural response based entirely on their integrity is incomplete. Therefore, this book has a central purpose to increase our perspective on architecture by emphasizing its relationship to cultural expression as an approach to architectural design. Within this book; moreover, describes a program for a new Tourist Information Center that is to be located in downtown New Orleans, Louisiana. The main purpose of the center is to create an architecture that can communicate cultures, especially through spaces, forms, materials and colors used.



Architecture, Visitors’ centers -- Design., Public buildings -- Design., New Orleans (La.)