Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21c requires only that an appellant show his late filing of record was not deliberate or intentional to be granted an extension



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Texas Tech Law Review


Examines the Texas Supreme Court case Meshwert v. Meshwert. In Meshwert, after the trial court dissolved a marriage and divided the property, the husband filed a transcript and statement of facts with the appellate court sixty-five days later. He then filed a motion to extend the filing deadline under Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 21c, claiming that he failed to timely reply because he had miscalculated the proper date. The Court held that miscalculation is a reasonable explanation as required by Rule 21c.



Motion to extend filing deadline, Rule 21c, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, Reasonable explanation, Miscalculation, Meshwert v. Meshwert, Case note


9 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 221