Expression of CD35 on human peripheral CD8 positive T lymphocytes



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ABSTRACT Increasing experimental evidence supports the involvement of CD8 positive T cells in both the initiation and regulation of several autoimmune diseases. It is also known that natural deficiencies of the early components of the classical pathway of complement are associated with various pathogenic autoimmune responses, and a growing number of reports have shown that complement influences the effector functions of both CD4 positive and CD8 positive T cells via receptor ligation. To further explore this potential link, human peripheral CD8 positive T lymphocytes were examined for the expression of the complement receptor CD35.

Mononuclear cells were purified from the peripheral blood of multiple donors and further enriched for CD8 positive T-cells by positive selection using immunomagnetic beads and then analyzed for the presence of CD35 by flow cytometry. Upon inspection of the cells >98% were CD8 positive and CD69 negative. Furthermore, less than 1% of the CD8 positive cells expressing CD35 were positive for CD56. 10.5% of CD8 positive T cells are CD35 positive, and these cells were 99% negative for CD21, CD25, and CD28. Of the CD35 positive cells, approximately 55% were found in the naïve subset (CCR7+ CD45RA+), 17% in the CD45RA positive effector memory cell subset (CCR7-CD45RA+), and 15% was found in the central memory (CCR7+CD45RA-) and 3% in the effector memory (CCR7-CD45RA-) subsets.



CD35, CD8 T lymphocytes, Complement receptor type-1 (CR-1), Immune regulation, Naive cell, Effector memory cell, Central memory cell, Flowcytometry