Friendship first: A program on romantic relationship development

dc.contributor.committeeChairHughes, Patrick C.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberWilliams, David E.
dc.contributor.committeeMemberGring, Mark A.
dc.creatorBetzen, Adrienne Joy Studies
dc.description.abstractFriendship is a relationship that has been vastly studied; however, few studies focus on cross-sex friendship and its elements. Further, studying cross-sex friendships as a preliminary phase when developing a romantic relationship has rarely been the focus of cross-sex friendship research. Through a thorough examination of existing research regarding cross-sex friendships and the development of romantic relationships, this program was designed to address the benefits and characteristics of beginning a romantic relationship as friends first. Using Baxter’s (1987) Friendship First and Whirlwind relationship trajectories as a guide, this educational program focuses on information regarding the development of romantic relationships (p. 196). Further, several developmental models provided direction during the construction of this program (Huston, Surra, Fitzgerald, & Cate, 1981; Houts, Robins, & Huston, 1996; Niehuis, Huston, & Rosenband, 2006). Descriptive statistics showed that participants reacted positively to the content and delivery of the program. Additionally, by conducting ten paired samples t-tests, pre-program and post program evaluation scores revealed that participants learned from the material presented during the program. A self-evaluation of the presenter’s delivery and content of the program was completed to portray the presenter’s point of view regarding the program. Limitations, suggestions for future research and future direction of the program and its content were also discussed.
dc.subjectCross-sex friend challenges
dc.subjectRelationship development
dc.titleFriendship first: A program on romantic relationship development
dc.typeThesis Studies Studies Tech University of Art


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