Lubbock Museum of Art: Lubbock, Texas


Thesis Statement Geometry has been part of architectural design from the very beginning of building. Geometrical form used in architectural design acts as a medium which expresses and communicates human feelings and emotions through aestheties(art) and technologies (science). Base on the theories of Eti^nne Louis Boulle^, and Nicolas-Louis Durand: I intend to depict the bridge (linkage) between art and science tlirough the articulation of geometrical forms. Facility Type The facility type is an art museum that incorporates the use of geometrical forms and new technology to express the "art' in museum design. The museum will contain three major areas: administration area, curatorial area, and public area. Scope The proposed design is a mid-size museum of about 55,000 to 75,000 square feet, which includes an area for permanent local (United States) exhibits, and an area dedicated to temporary international exhibits. Context The proposed site is located on a semi-arid plateau in the northwest part of Texas called the South Plain region in downtown Lubbock -a city of industry, technology, oil, agriculture, warehousing, medicine, and education. The size of the site is approximately 410,000 sq.ft. The site is flat, and is bounded by 5th street on the south. Avenue O on the west, 4th street on the north and Avenue K on the east.



Architecture, Museum buildings -- Design, Art museums -- Design, Art and science, Lubbock (Tex.)