Legal Assistance Items, March 1982




Alvarey, Joel R.
Huffman, Walter B.
Joyce, John F.
Grendell, Timothy J.
Heffelfinger, Harlan M.

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The Military Family Resource Center (MFRC) is an international center to support family advocacy in the military services and to assist professionals who provide help to military people and their families around the world. Ex Parte Buckhanan upholds the right of divorced military retirees in Texas to unilaterally terminate the payment of retired pay to his or her former spouse pursuant to the terms of a divorce decree and raises the specter of possible counter suits by retirees against their former spouses to recoup previously paid portions.



military family resource center, legal assistance, ex parte Buckhanan, retirement pay, divorce, Texas


Major Joel R. Alvarey, Major Walter B. Huffman, Major John F. Joyce, Captain Timothy J. Grendell, & Major Harlan M. Heffelfinger, Legal Assistance Items, 1982 Army Law. 15 (Mar. 1982).