Motivating reluctant readers through graphic novels: An action research project



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After witnessing the struggles of reluctant readers, I sought to put into action a research project to make a positive change in the motivation of reluctant readers. In my Action Research project I identified the problem of low reading and Literature Circle discussion motivation. From there my planned action was to incorporate graphic novels into student-led Literature Circles and independent reading time. In class I referred to this as the graphic novel unit study. I closely monitored the behaviors and attitudes of the two student participant groups through questionnaires, observations, conferences, reading logs, and classroom library check out forms over a five week period. When the graphic novel unit study concluded, I analyzed my data and concluded that graphic novels have a positive affect on reading and Literature Circle motivation and interest. I then reflected on my Action Research project thus far and made planned improvements in order to continue the Action Research cycle of reflective teaching.



Reading, Reluctant readers, Graphic novels