Ascertaining customers' perceptions of Oriental restaurants in Lubbock, Texas



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Texas Tech University


Few studies have been concerned with Oriental restaurants in the United States. Oriental food is one of a favorite non-American cuisines. More and more Oriental restaurants have been established in the last ten years- The present research investigates the attitudes of local consumers and restaurant managers towards the factors that contribute to the success of an Oriental restaurant. The similarities and the differences of perception among the various groups were determined. The subgroups include patrons, restaurant managers, and Iccal Orientals; the analysis of data is based on benefit segnentation. Rank-order correlation coefficient and t-test were performed in this study. Briefly, the results were as follows: among all five subgroups, it appears that food quality, price, quality of service, and speed of service are the most important criteria. The results will help restaurant marketers and restaurateurs to concentrate their marketing efforts in order to attract clientele.



Restaurants -- Texas -- Lubbock, Consumers' preferences -- Texas -- Lubbock, Oriental restaurants -- Public opinion -- Texas -- Lubbock