Graydon Alberts' Graduate Recital


Composers in the first graduate recital: Tomaso Albinoni; Paul Hindemith; Claude Bolling

Composers in the second graduate recital: Alan Hovhaness; Arcangelo Corelli; Philippe Gaubert; Bertold Hummel; Henry Wolking

First Recital: Trumpet

Second Recital: Trumpet


Original Format: Cassette


Universities and Colleges Graduate Work, Thesis and Dissertation, Conservatories of Music, Concerts, Trumpet, Albinoni, Tomaso, 1671-1750, Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963, Bolling, Claude, Hovhaness, Alan, 1911-2000, Corelli, Arcangelo, 1653-1713, Gaubert, Philippe, 1879-1941, Hummel, Bertold, Wolking, Henry, 1948-