Inter-and intra-judge reliability in modified barium swallows



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Texas Tech University


The assessment of dysphagia is often completed usmg videofluoroscopy (i.e., modified barium swaUow). This procedure has become a standard measure for evaluation, however, the procedure remains subjective and no accepted protocol for administration is agreed upon by professionals. No previous research has attempted to measure rehabihty of the professionals performing the modified barium swallow.

Nineteen speech-language pathologists who manage dysphagia in their places of employment evaluated a set of 40 modified barium swallows (MBSs) and provided scores for features of oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal stages of swaUowkig for each. Subjects were required to evaluate the MBSs using a five-point scale. AdditionaUy, subjects were asked to provide a feedkig status and diet for each MBS. The data from each speech-language pathologist and MBS were compUed and analyzed for degrees of inter- and intra-judge rehability.



Videofluoroscopy, Deglutition disorders, Diagnosis, Fluoroscopic