A disillusioned beyond: A visual library, Washington, D.C.


Thesis: In a world of changing technologies in the field of education and learning, we are being influenced by an unlimited supply of information. The data is manipulating the world into its reality by persuading the view with illusionary images. By discovering how the non-physical reality becomes a catalyst for a new disillusioned architectural reality, we begin to manipulate and understand the medium. The architectural reality created becomes the first and crucial step to a disillusioned beyond. Context: The Nation's Capital, Washington D.C. serves as the backdrop for this facility. The site is a parking lot near the area of Dupont Circle. The lost space of the parking lot, its potential for usage by inhabitants, and its distance from the governmental core, are ingredients for its location. It will become the center of new learning techniques for the people in America. Facility: The facility is created through the use of electronic media creating a new venue for learning. A facility which contains a library of visual information to be accessed by individual and group activity using new technologies such as interactive video, virtual reality, and holographic film. A visual library.