Directing Jake's Women: creating a professional environment in an educational setting



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Texas Tech University


The purpose of this thesis is to document a professional experiment in which I adopted the Equity SPT contract to help simulate a professional experience—within the educational setting—for student actors and designers involved with my production of Jake's Women. To support that experience, I also chose to implement my ideas about the actor as collaborator and how I believe greater collaboration allows the actor a sense of authority and responsibility within the working process. In the chapters that follow, I will document the application of these techniques to the rehearsal process as well as analyze their strengths and weaknesses in the educational setting. This chapter touched on my opinions regarding directing style and the role of actors in the production process. Chapter II will focus on the actors' unions and how they have helped to improve the situation for professional actors. I will then go on to explain how I applied the union rules to Jake's Women to enhance the professional experience within an educational setting. Chapter III will discuss my view of actors as collaborators and how I see this relating to the professional experience. Chapter IV will evaluate the effectiveness of the application and how it affected the performance of Jake's Women. I will also explore the opinions of some of the actors in Jake's Women to find out how they felt about the process and if they felt the process was effective in terms of my goals. I will also provide a copy of the SPT contract in the Appendix.



Theater -- Production and direction