The influence of colombian folk music in mejia vallejo’s suite criolla and rebelo burbano’s suite in 3/4 for clarinet and string quartet


The focus of this document is to show the influence of Colombian folk music elements as they have been integrated into the compositions commissioned for this project. The intention is to provide a basic geographical, cultural, and musical context to help clarinetists make informed decisions on how to interpret these compositions for future performances. This document begins by providing a historical background of the clarinet in Colombia. This includes important players and the adaption of clarinet into traditional Colombian ensembles. This is followed by a presentation of folk elements of Colombian music based on geographical region. Each chapter will focus on one of the three regions: Andean, Eastern Plains and Atlantic. These regions have their own cultural and musical contribution to folk music, and collectively, they have influenced the composition of the pieces in the project. Within each chapter, particular traditional folk elements will be discussed, as well as how they are incorporated into the compositional style of the two Suites that are the focus of the document.



Suite for clarinet and string quartet, Influence of the Colombian folk music