A transportation hub for downtown Carrollton



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Thesis Statement: acknowledgments preface table of contents list of figures theory As Transit Oriented Development (TOD) emerges several aspects needed to be incorporated thot enable it to become a thriving neighborhood, A transportation hub that becomes a symbolic entity to the area exists within the aspects of materials, structure and form. Facility Statement: The tronsportotion hub will be o place for people from the community and surrounding areas to come and enjoy the life of downtown Carrollton, Within this center people can travel to other DART roil stations as well as commute to worl<. Many new retail shop, cafes and offices will develop as the process of transforming downtown Carrollton continues. Context Statement: Carrollton, Texas is located north of Dallas. It is one of the many suburbs that help make up the expanding metroplex. Currently the site is east of 1-35 and north of Beltline road and downtown Carrollton. Bounding the site are two sets of railroad tracks that will be used for the DART stations. One running north towards Denton and south to Dallas and the other track will be running east to west where people could take it all the way to Fort Worth or Piano.



Architecture, Railroad stations -- Design., Street-railroads., Local transit., Carrollton (Tex.)