Power conditioning in inductive energy storage systems



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Texas Tech University


The pulsed power conditioning system (PPCS) is one of the key enabling technologies for utilizing the energy output of a magnetic flux compressor generator. This thesis shows the results of comprehensive experimental studies using an inductive energy storage system with an exploding wire fuse.

The first part of the thesis deals with an analysis of the current Inductive Energy Storage System, concerning inductance and resistance, then build a basis to evaluate the measurements taken.

Different fuse parameters, such as wire size, number of wires, and materials is discussed, and the influences of those parameters on the fuse performance are shown. Finally, results of an optical study of the heating and explosion phase in the 100 nanosecond regime are shown.

The thesis will show that silver as wire material outperforms copper and aluminum regarding peak load current, and peak load current risetime, and that thinner wires in general perform better.



Pulsed power systems, Magnetic energy storage, Magnetic flux compression