Experimentation and modeling of pulse sharpening and gyromagnetic precession within a nonlinear transmission line



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A computer model is developed to predict the output of a NonLinear Transmission Line (NLTL) based upon an input pulse, material properties and physical dimensions. Additionally, a test bed is developed with the goal of validating the computer model with regards to its level of accuracy in comparison with a real world system. The test bed is also designed to provide the apparatus for evaluating ferrite materials for their performance characteristics as components for NLTL applications. The resulting model provides two computation algorithms that successfully simulate aspects of NLTL operation. They require further development to improve their computational algorithms and to take into account more material properties in order to serve as a better tool for design of NLTL systems. The NLTL testbed results in a working pulser and diagnostic system, however the NLTL suffers from high voltage breakdown that prevents it from functioning as designed.



Nonlinear transmission line (NLTL), Ferrite, Microwave, Model