Modeling, role-playing, and didactic instructions as facilitators of group-based social training in the retarded



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Texas Tech University


The present investigation is concerned with the acquisition and performance of social skills by the mildly retarded. Successful interpersonal interactions and the use of acceptable social amenities are skills essential to virtually any habilitation program with the retarded. These deficiencies are especially significant given the important role that social behavior plays in vocational success. It is to this specific area—social skills in job performance—that this research is addressed.

This study is an investigation into the training of mildly retarded individuals in social skills through the medium of group therapy. The research examines the impact of tlriree treatment approaches (modeling, role-playing, and didactic instruction) on both the behavioral aspects of the group therapy process and subsequent subject performance on an outcome measure.



Group psychotherapy, People with mental disabilities, Social adjustment