Communication in architecture



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THESIS STATEMENT To comprehend the message a building is trying to convey, an observer must understand that communicating occurs by involving the mind and the senses to form an idea to that which is presented directly or subliminally from the structure. The objective in dealing with the topic of communication is as defined by Webster, "to make understood by others; exchange messages." More or less the goal of communication is the presentation of an idea, thought, or message that is conveyed to an individual through the use of images so that meanitig or understanding can occur. The future of sports complexes is in the current stages of changes. I propose to design a multipurpose arena for the city of Lubbock with a seating of no less than 15,(XX) and no more than 17,000 to allow larger events that may come to the city. This facility will be located at the comer of 4th Street and Indiana Avenue across from the University Medical Center and the Texas Tech University Museum.



Communication in architectural design, Symbolism in architecture