A clinic for Alzheimer’s patients


Thesis Statement: The objective of caring architecture is to silence the noise of daily life. Silence can be defined as the absence of distracting messages, otherwise know.as noise. As we know there is no place where one can free noise. Architecture must strive to silence the noise that is harmfiil to our mental and physical health. Caring architecture is defined as architecture that is thoughtfiil to the needs of the people, who are burdened by responsibility and anxiety. Therefore, the objective of caring architecture is to mute the mental and physical distractions of its users. Context and Facility Statement: Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive, degenerative disease that attacks the brain and results in impaired memory, thinking and behavior. The disease is estimated to affect four million adults in the United States. The cause of the disease is unknown and treatment is limited. The majority of care provided to Alzheimer's patients is provided by their middle-aged children. These middle agedchildren are caught between their responsibilities to their family, work and the burdens of caring for the patients stricken with the disease. Most Alzheimer's Disease patients are cared for at home due to a variety of reasons. This facility will be located in an urban park in southwestern Lubbock and will care for twenty-five patient. The facility will also employ thirty-three people.



Health facilities -- Design.