An exploration into the theoretical aspects of obsessive-compulsive behavior as defined by Eysenck and Kell and Burow



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Texas Tech University


Every generation of Americans has a modal personality which is a reflection of the social environment of that period (May, 1953). The 1930's were characterized by the hysteric personality, which has been studied extensively by Freud and his disciples. In the late 1940's and 1950's the modal personality was the authoritarian type, which has been investigated by researchers, such as Adorno, et al. (1950). Salzman (1970) declares that the personality type which characterizes contemporary America is the obsessivecompulsive. He states that obsessive-compulsive defense mechcinisms are used by many Americans in order to relieve them of the anxiety resulting from our unsettled times. Since anomaly, powerlessness, and lack of authoritarian guidance characterize contemporary America, mciny people resort to a rigid, judgmental, and stereotyped attitude toward life so that they can maintain control over their existence.



Obsessive-compulsive disorder