Knowledge and skills as predictors of success in middle school mathematics and algebra I



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Many students statewide and nationally are struggling to gain the mathematical skills that will enable them to be college ready. The investigation presented here focuses on examining the predictors that can attribute to student success from grades six through nine. This longitudinal study investigates students’ performance in the Mathematics State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) from 2012-2015 from a school district that has earn the post-secondary distinction by the state. The overall score, reporting categories sub-scores, and readiness standards sub-scores from grades 6-9 were analyzed using stepwise multiple regression analysis. This investigation found that student understanding of relations of numbers and variables is a strong predictor of success in secondary mathematics. Additionally, the results indicate that mathematical models and ability to analyze models to develop equations was an essential component to be successful in eight grade mathematics and Algebra I. Moreover, foundational skills serve as pre-requisite to attain those skills.



Mathematics, Algebra