Solid State Electrochemical Oxygen Separation and Compression



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49th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Ceramic and solid-state electrochemical oxygen separation and compression systems offer the ease of producing high purity and high pressure oxygen from a variety of gaseous streams representative of ambient and constrained system exposure conditions (terrestrial and space). The electrochemical cells utilize exclusive oxygen ion conducting ceramic membranes (doped fluorites) and operate in a 550-850 °C temperature range. Advanced perovskites synthesized from non-noble and non-strategic materials serve as electrodes for both oxygen reduction and evolution. A number of electrochemical cells, connected in series using dense, electronically-conducting perovskite interconnects form the basis of a “cell stack” for increased oxygen production. The robust solid-state device provides a means of oxygen separation/compression, operating favorably in environments without reducing atmospheres (unlike terrestrial fuel/electrolysis cells). Thermochemical-electrochemical principles for oxygen separation and compression will be discussed. Materials for the construction of cells and stack along with fabrication techniques will be examined and the basis for material selection will be described. Approaches for the electrochemical performance improvement will also be discussed.


Michael Reisert, University of Connecticut, USA
Ashish Aphale, University of Connecticut, USA
Dale Taylor, American Oxygen LLC, USA
John Graf, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), USA
Prabhakar Singh, University of Connecticut, USA
Boxun Hu, University of Connecticut, USA
Su Jeong Heo, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA
Junsung Hong, University of Connecticut, USA
ICES302: Physio-chemical Life Support- Air Revitalization Systems -Technology and Process Development
The 49th International Conference on Environmental Systems as held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 07 July 2019 through 11 July 2019.


Oxygen separation/compression, Solid-state, Electrochemical cell/system