ANITA2 – Multicomponent Air Analyser for ISS – 2 Years of Operation, Hardware Behaviour and Possible Improvements for Future Versions.


The ANITA2 (Analysing Interferometer for Ambient Air) instrument is a trace gas analyser on board the ISS to monitor cabin atmosphere. ANITA2 has been built in a contract between ESA, OHB and SINTEF commissioned in Q1 of 2022. Since then, ANITA2 is monitoring the ISS gas environment providing detailed analysis for more than 40 gases in real time every 6 minutes. ANITA 2 is running 24/7 365 and proved a reliable instrument, delivering more than 120000 data points for each gas over its lifetime. Throughout ANITA2's operation all down times (significant interruptions of the measurement cycle) were due to OPS constrains and not imposed by ANITA2.

This paper shows the two setups on board the space station in which ANITA2 has been operated in since commissioning, discusses possible life limiting items and their aging, and the hardware performance including opto-mechanical sensitivity, stability, and reliability. The concept for the next generation ANITA is presented and shown how lessons learned will be implemented. ANITA2 performance is limited not by optical stability of the instrument but by the fact that absorption spectra of gases are temperature dependent. Since, during cis-lunar missions, environmental temperature might vary significantly over time (crewed and uncrewed phases), a concept for gas cell temperature control is proposed and discussed in further detail.


Michael Gisi, OHB System AG, Germany
Lukas Pfeiffer, OHB, Germany
Armin Stettner, OHB System AG, Germany
Eckart Göhler, OHB, Germany
Roland Seurig, OHB System AG, Germany
Bastian Kraemer, University Stuttgart - Institute of Space Systems, Germany
Atle Honne, SINTEF, Norway
Kristin Kaspersen, SINTEF, Norway
Kari Bakke, SINTEF, Norway
Anders Erik Liverud, SINTEF ICT, Norway
Jens Thielemann, SINTEF, Norway
Brian Elvesæter, SINTEF AS, Norway
Pierre Rebeyre, ESA, Netherlands
ICES205: Advanced Life Support Sensor and Control Technology
The 53rd International Conference on Environmental Systems was held in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, on 21 July 2024 through 25 July 2024.


ANITA, ANITA-2, ANITA2, Trace Gas, Space Station, Life Support System, FTIR, Exploration, Habitat, Gateway, Human Spaceflight, Lunar Exploration