Presidential Strategies in Statements of Administration Policy



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Presidents routinely employ Statements of Administration Policy (SAPs) to inform Congress about the executive's thoughts and position on pending legislation. Such statements are used for a variety of purposes, including bill promotion, suggesting changes, issuing veto threats, and addressing perceived threats to traditional powers. While SAPs have been identified as an important vehicle for interbranch communication and a key source of insight into presidential preferences, many questions remain as to how presidents make use of SAPs' full range of potential. Using a novel data set of over 4,600 SAPs across multiple administrations, we explore the content of these interbranch communications to uncover how, when, and why presidents use such statements over time. Ultimately, we demonstrate the many ways that presidential use of SAPs is strategic based on political contexts.


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Statements of Administration Policy (SAPs), Congress, legislation, president, White House


Ostrander, I. and Sievert, J. (2022), Presidential Strategies in Statements of Administration Policy. Presidential Studies Quarterly, 52: 759-784.