Review: Summary of the Special Issue on liver abscesses in cattle and thoughts on future research*



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Objective: My objective was to summarize 16 original research manuscripts and 1 perspectives and commentary contribution that were submitted, peer reviewed, and ac- cepted in this Special Issue on liver abscesses in cattle. Materials and Methods: A summary of key points made in the Special Issue articles is provided. Additional conclusions and thoughts about future directions of re- search to address liver abscesses (LA) in cattle are offered. Results and Discussion: This Special Issue represents the current understanding of the etiology, blood chemis- try biomarkers, dietary and management strategies, and mitigation strategies for LA in cattle used in the feedlot industry throughout the United States and Canada. Sev- enteen articles from researchers and industry professionals studying LA in cattle are included, with studies ranging from practical dietary intervention strategies to experi- ments designed to understand the mode of action and the etiology of LA development. Implications and Applications: Liver abscess disease is a multifactorial, polymicrobial disease that affects mul- tiple organ systems within the body, reflecting complex interactions among the host, environment, and pathogens. The pathogenesis of this disease needs to be further exam- ined, and basic and applied research approaches should be employed to advance our understanding of liver abscesses in cattle.


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cattle, Fusobacterium nec- rophorum, liver abscesses, special issue


Hales, K.E.. 2024. Review: Summary of the Special Issue on liver abscesses in cattle and thoughts on future research*. Applied Animal Science, 40(3).