The effect of breakfast consumption on afternoon resistance training performance in habitual breakfast consumers and non-Consumers

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Pre-exercise meal frequency is commonly believed to impact exercise performance. Little is known about the impact of meal frequency on resistance training. The present study sought to investigate the impact of breakfast consumption on afternoon resistance training performance in habitual consumers and non-consumers. Thirty-nine resistance trained males (n=20) and females (n=19) who habitually consumed (≥ 5 days/wk; n=19) or did not consume (≥ 5 days/wk; n=20) breakfast completed three experimental trials. Following the establishment of single repetition maximums (1RM) on the first visit, participants completed a workout consisting of four sets of barbell back squat, bench press, and deadlift, utilizing 80% of their 1RM either after consuming breakfast and lunch (B) or the same food only at lunch (BO). Average and peak average concentric velocity (ACV) and power were measured for all repetitions throughout the session. Visual analog scales were used to assess feelings of fatigue, energy, focus, hunger, desire to eat, and fullness throughout each exercise session. Main effects for decreases in repetitions per set (p≤0.03) for all exercises except back squat (p=0.231) were present. Similar decrements were noted for average ACV and power for all exercises (p≤0.004). Reductions in peak ACV and power (p≤0.001) were seen for back squat. Desire to eat increased in the B condition only (p=0.045), while fullness was higher during the BO condition (p=0.007). No effect of habitual consumption was present for any metric. These data suggest that alterations in meal frequency do not influence afternoon resistance training performance provided similar total nutritional intake.

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Breakfast, Exercise Performance, Intermittent Fasting, Resistance Training