"Tell it like it is": an intrinisic case study of the art and oral history of Ezekiel Gibbs, contemporary Texas African-American folk artist, the early collection (1977-1987): Volume 2



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Texas Tech University


There is great difficulty in defining various types of art and art movements. Each type or movement in art has particular characteristics, similarities, and essential differences. At times, one type of art or movement may overlap another type of art or movement. It is important to focus on the life and art of the artist in an attempt to determine in which category of art to place the artist. In the case of Ezekiel Gibbs, he is contemporary, Folk, Naive, Self-Taught, Professional, and at times an Outsider. In the areas of Folk Art, Professional Art, Outsider Art, L'Art brut, and Self-Taught Art, the lines of demarcation are blurred and my research has found that most scholars disagree on a single definition of these terms. Therefore, I must turn to the art and life of the artist for relevant definitions.



African American folk art -- Texas -- History -- 20th century, Gibbs, Ezekiel, 1889-1993, Folk artists -- Texas -- Biography, Folk artists -- Texas -- Case studies