The relationship between employer attractiveness and hospitality students job pursuit intentions in terms of person-environment fit

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Abstract Job pursuit intentions of potential college student employees in the hotel industry in terms of person-environment fit and job satisfaction factors in relationship to employer attractiveness was explored in this quantitative research study. Two hundred thirty-four undergraduate student participants were recruited from the departments of hospitality at U.S universities who then completed a 30-minute survey based on previous studies of person-environment fit, job satisfaction factors and employer attractiveness adapted from multiple sources. The results of the statistical data analysis found four of the five hypotheses posed in this study to be significant, affirming past studies and the theories of Psychological Need Fulfillment, Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior: 1) person-environment fit was significantly and highly likely to be positively determinative of employer attractiveness; 2) job satisfaction was significantly and positively related to employer attractiveness; 3) employer attractiveness was significantly and positively related to job pursuit intentions; and 4) employer attractiveness positively and significantly mediated the effect of person-environment fit on job pursuit intentions. The study also found in testing the fifth hypothesis that employer attractiveness did not mediate the effect of job satisfaction on job pursuit intentions. These findings were found to strongly validate previous studies and theories and to be highly reliable. The implications and recommendations of these findings were to expand the employer attractiveness micro-constructs. Future research recommendations included expanding the scale of the study to a larger population base, a mixed research study design, and random sampling.

Complimentary fit, Employer attractiveness, Job pursuit intentions, Person-environment fit, Person-job fit, Person-organization fit, Supplementary fit, Tacit job knowledge, Theory of planned behavior