Motorplex museum for classic cars: Ennis, Texas


The reasons for choosing this project are simple. First, automobiles and the automotive industry has been a lifelong interest to the author. A thesis which combines the interests of architecture and automobiles would yield the best designed spaces due to respect of the users and contents. Secondly, as an automotive anthusiast, I am concerned with the preservation of automobiles of all types and periods, especially with the 'musclecar era' of 1964-1970. Third and last, I believe the preservation of our heritage in any form is immeasurably important to our future as individuals and as a nation.

Through collecting, restoring and showing these automobiles in their context and time period, I can teach the visitor about the cars, their origins and purposes and their place in history. A restoration facility and museum would allow the best environment for teaching of these cars in their time. The museum must be of the highest quality and most effective to correctly teach the visitors about the exciting aspects of the cars that I wish to communicate.

Automobiles -- Museums -- Design, Ennis (Tex.), Muscle cars -- Conservation and restoration