Dual language program implementation: A design study to leverage leadership, professional development, and professional learning communities when fostering change

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This action research study explores leadership at a dual language campus, specifically how leadership impacts dual language program implementation. As the number of English learners continues to increase in the United States, it is necessary to establish the impact of one-way dual language delivery models and the importance of effective implementation to positively impact student outcomes. This research augments district and school leaders’ knowledge of practices that impact dual language program implementation including facilitating professional development in professional learning communities using both transformative and distributed leadership practices in order to garner momentum to promote organizational change. Using design-based school improvement strategies and insider action research methodological principles, the multiple phase intervention plan targets the professional problem of practice to promote leadership and collaborative practices that will move the campus forward in implementing the dual language program more effectively.

Bilingual, Dual language, ELL, Action research, Organizational change, Biliteracy, Problem of practice, Implementation, Professional learning community (PLC), English learner (EL), Leadership, Professional development, Transformative leadership, Distributed leadership