A sedimentary study of dune sands, Lamb and Bailey Counties, Texas, and White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

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Texas Tech University

Stable and active dunes were studied in Lamb and Bailey counties, Texas and in White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. Composite surface samples were collected from these dunes and a mechanical analysis was made of the sand samples.

Field relationships and mechanical analysis of the dune sand of Lamb and Bailey counties indicate that the sands were derived from local stream deposits and therefore all the characteristics of these sands are not the result of wind action. Some of the characteristics are attributed to the action of the streams.

A comparison of the gypsum sands of White Sands, New Mexico and the quartz sands of Lamb and Bailey counties shows that the sands differ in grain size but are similar in other characteristics. It is concluded that the characteristics of dime sands are more strongly determined by source than by composition or method of transport.

Sand dunes -- Texas -- Bailey County, Sand dunes -- New Mexico -- White Sands National Monument, Sand, Sand dunes -- Texas -- Lamb County