Filtering and glint artifact processing of speckle corrupted shear beam images with wavelet and morphological filters

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Texas Tech University

Coherent reflective imaging inherently contains signal independent and dependent speckle noise. Shear beam imaging is a coherent reflective imaging technique, which inherently contains signal dependent speckle noise with characteristic glints. The removal of the speckle using a minimal number of frames while preserving the glints is the major concem of this thesis. The glints will be preserved by its segmentation from each frame prior to speckle removal. In this thesis, we have experimented with two sets of Shear Beam Images. Each set contains unaveraged coherent snapshots of two satellites, the DMSP and OCEANR. Our objective is to reconstruct a coherent diffraction-limited truth image with a small number of averaged frames. Currently up to 100 frames are needed to construct a diffraction-limited truth image. The individual frames contain speckle noise, which is removed by the averaging process. In the past, several methods have been used to eliminate this noise, descriptions are contained within. In this thesis, we will introduce morphological and wavelet filters to achieve improved resuUs over previous filters.

Image processing -- Digital techniques, Laser speckle, Laser beams -- Scattering